Captured Light Stained Glass Studio

Friday, January 13, 2012

Hhhheeeerrreeee wwweeee gggooooo aaaagain...

So, back to the grind. (Yes, pun fully intended).

So many things, so little time.  Here's an up and coming update, for those of you that have been waiting with baited breath. Upcoming idears--

1.  New patchwork panels on Etsy
2.  New product line (sshhh! It's a secret, for now...)
3.  (MUCH NEEDED!) basement cleanup
4.  Corners
5.  Pentagrams (for our lovely wiccan friends :)
6.  More scopes.  Cooler scopes.
7.  Class curriculum (yes!  We're teaching classes soon!)
8.  Half a**ed project cleanup
9.  New and improved light source for pics
10. New studio site (hopefully sometime this spring)

Here's what's listed so far...

And you can find them here--

So, lots of good stuff coming.  Stay tuned, boys and girls. Same bat time, same bat channel!