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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gladys, the Art Angel

The story of Gladys

We have a HUGE bin of scrap glass. Im talking a green recycle bin FULL of years of scrap pieces cast off from projects past.  The bin has sat in the shop and gotten so full that it can no longer be moved safely. We had the best intentions of trying to repurpose all these forgotten pieces, but never could think of anything to do with it.

That's when we found Gladys. 

I had some foiled glass nuggets on the breaking table and decided to (carefully!) grab a small handful of the shards in the bin. The pieces just sort of fell together.  I quickly ground and foiled the body and wings portions, fluxed and soldered and poof!  There she was!  All she needed was a wire halo, a hanger, some fishing line, and a home.  A window, a Christmas tree,  or...oh yeah. Rear view car mirror!  Perfect!

And thus, Gladys was born.

Why is she named Gladys?  I dunno.  The name just came to me. She's been hanging in my rear view mirror ever since.   Simple really, but the small, simple piece hanging with the few colors dancing in the sunlight just brings a smile to my face every time I see her.

And Gladys has evolved.  You never get the same Gladys twice.  She just loves to change her hair, her dress, her wings, etc.  And she's waiting in all her glorious forms to delight the rear view mirrors of people's cars and bring them a small amount of joy as the light plays through her simple wings.  From scrap heap to rear view mirror, Gladys is sure to bring some amount of blessing and calm to anyone's commute.

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