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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Green Eyed Monster is now complete...

Piece is live and in the store! Go here--->>  to check it out! 

This piece came out very nicely, as I knew it would.

I'm quite pleased with the colors, and I'm really happy about the bevels that I inset in the panel (new twist on the panels that have previously sold), and used as a border around the edge.  I'll have this one listed here fairly soon, hopefully will have it up in the Etsy store by Sunday.

This piece is 10th in the series of Bullseye sample glass that I've been working into panels. As I'd mentioned earlier, the glass was in a sampler kit that Kim had kept for years, but never quite knew what to do with it. For me, since I'm a relatively new artist in the stained glass arena, it was a good, simple piece in which to hone my skills...easy, straight cuts, straight solder lines, lots of corners to learn how to NOT puddle the solder into, etc. This style is fairly forgiving, and a little "fudging" of some of the irregular pieces would not be noticed overall in the panel. 

I believe I have enough left over from all the color groups to make two multicolored panels. Then I'll be on to petting a few more sampler boxes from Kokomo glass that I'll be forming into full window pieces. Stay tuned!  

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