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Sunday, April 17, 2011

We're live and running! Woohoo!

Exciting news! Just created and fired up this blog, hope to get this thing active and running, so we can tell all these great stories about the pieces that we create!

I'm Melissa of the dynamic duo, AKA Captured Light Stained Glass Studios (CapturedLightSGS). Kim is the main owner/operator of the studio and the company, and she's graciously guided me through the ins and outs of the art of stained glass. Seriously though, I'm just along for the ride. I have an absolute BLAST creating and making stained glass pieces!

My history in the crafting arena is a long and sordid story. To summate it rather succinctly, crafting is in my blood. From the time I could remember, my grandmother was a crafter. She had these funky tube-like things with plastic tips on them that sorta worked like a ballpoint pen (the brand name I think was Artex?), and had this big tin with scads of these colorful tubes on this plastic lazy susan like thing. She drew and outlined these awful white matted fabric/felt/fiber looking thing and made these horrid tablecloth things with them. But she loved what she did. She also painted wooden christmas ornaments and sold them at craft bazaars. She knitted, crocheted, painted and did various other crafty things until arthritis and macular degeneration took away her ability to derive any kind of enjoyment out of crafting.

My mother is also an avid crafter. She makes beautiful quilted christmas stockings and embroiders them with beads, sequins and other highly ornate baubles. She's more of a needlework crafter, and pretty much sticks with fabrics as her favorite genre of handmade crafting.

I, on the other hand, have pretty much run the gamut in the crafting world. Although I'd never say that I've tried it ALL, I have tried out alot of various mediums in the crafting spectrum. My grandmother of course taught me how to crochet, which is pretty much my fave, but even after an amount of time it starts to really bother the joints on my hands and I have to put it down for awhile to avoid repetitive motion injury. I've done FIMO, needlepoint, macrame, handloom weaving, bead weaving, sewing, paper crafts, chainmaille, synthetic hair dreads, and my latest crafting adventure is now STAINED GLASS.

I'm really very much looking forward to posting and blogging about the pieces that we create. I think when you know and understand the story behind the pieces one creates, it really makes them more meaningful and special, and assigns much more value to them than money can buy. I'm very much looking forward to sharing to the world the pieces that Kim and I crank out, so onward and upward to the good stuff!  :)

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