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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The infamous "Butt Panel". :)

Believe it or not, this is the very first cut glass panel I've ever made:

It was from a pile of very old patterns that Kim had buried in a file somewhere. I saw this pattern, and I knew I had to make it MINE. weg  So I modified it a bit, scanned it into Glass Eye so I could perfect it and make the design changes to the garter as I wanted to, and make the piece my own. I had very few fitting issues, and was quite pleased once it was finished. The solder was then patinaed black, quick wash and wax, then ready for the market.

Not bad for my first piece, eh?   LOL

The only complaint I had with the piece is that the sides are a bit floppy, because there are no side joints that I could solder to stabilize the frame to the panel.

This is such a neat little kinky piece, I just had to make it. :P  I'd really like to improvise on this theme here sometime, and do an Andy Warhol sorta thing with it...shrink it down a bit, then create multiple copies of the same thing, with pieces cut in funky alternate colors.

The original piece is for sale here--->> Sexy, Sensual Art Garter Stained Glass Panel

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